DAL is a Global Identity Protection and Authentication Solution focussing on providing niche services in the Identity Management arena. By combining Identity Management with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) principles with our experience and expertise we have created a true Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution for any institution. We offer all our solutions in packages similar to a Pay-as-you-Go model. A fully independent solution to “Know Your Customer” (KYC) that not only proves who the person is or where that person can be reached, but also re-instates trust between Institution and client. We link the Real-World Human Being to the Cyber-World Digital Identity with forensic protocol and have therefore also optimised the Self-Sovereign Identity principle, to a REFERENCED Self-Sovereign Identity. Our form of regulatory compliance is just what the “FinTech" revolution has been crying out for; and the time is ripe for it.

DAL is an entirely Independent Identity Management Solution Service provider, with no bias to any country, institution, government or political party. 

All Identities stored and protected by DAL remains the ownership of the registered individual thereof. 

DAL is only the custodian of Identities with consent of the unique individual in the Independent Global Referenced Identity Library .

DAL creates a MASTER Identity of every person enrolling onto the DAL system. This MASTER Identity can only be enrolled once and is considered as Forensic Evidence of the Identity registered. 


  • AFIS/ABIS solution - is designed for national ID, voter registration with record deduplication, passport issuance, border control, forensic/criminal investigations, government e-services, social services, banking systems, healthcare and other civil and private applications. Our AFIS/ABIS includes algorithms which are the top ranked in the NIST MINEX, PFT, FRVT and IREX evaluations. We offer a full spectrum of Multi Biometrics, which includes: 
    • Fingerprints as Core
    • Facial
    • Iris 
    • Voice
  • Forensic and Fingerprint experts (including Crime Scene Investigators) – is used to ensure the MASTER Identity on the DAL system belongs 100% to the Individual who enrolled it. With combined knowledge and expertise in the Fingerprint environment of 100+ years, DAL offers the highest level of Accurate Authentication of an individual on the system. Forensic proof of any discrepancies which has been Pro-Actively prevented on the DAL system is kept as evidence.


DAL links the Real-World Human Being to the Cyberworld Digital Identity to the Individual claiming to be the owner of the Identity, by utilising forensic evidence collection protocol in combination with state of the art and highly secure processes, technology and systems. DAL bridges the gap between Human and Digital.

DAL has created the first REFERENCED Self-Sovereign Identity for the Blockchain



The Enrollment or Registration process of DAL is the most critical phase. Our forensic process of Chain of Custody starts here. We enroll every individual with irrefutable accuracy, to ensure we can at all times authenticate the enrolled Identity of the Individual Human Being with 100% certainty. An Individual can only register once onto the DAL system and the DAL system constantly searches the complete database for any potential duplicates. This Identity created on the DAL system is the MASTER Identity.
The DAL protection of an Identity is done on 5 Tiers of which some is NON-Internet connected. 
  • Multimodal Biometrics
  • NO Self-Registration Operator Enrolls Individual
  • Once-off Registration
  • Only Relevant Personal Information is Captured
  • NO Synthetic Identities can be Registered
  • Consent of Individual
  • International Compliance
  • Chain of Custody/Audit Trials
  • Trained Operators
  • High Definition Capturing Devices
  • Customer Needs Reflected
  • Independent Global Referenced Identity Library
  • 5 Tier Highly secure Platform – Including NON –Internet Connected Platform
  • Trust Exchange between Client and Institution
  • Big Data Management


DAL allows for 3 different methods of verification of an Identity enrolled onto our system. All of these verification packages have a link to the Human Being enrolled onto DAL. DAL does not use any Personally identifiable information ( PII ) from third parties, as this information is untrustworthy and worthless to authenticate an Individual. 

  • Core Registration and Verification of Identity
  • Central Part of Identity Management
  • Secure Protection of ID
  • Highly Accurate Registration
  • Highly Accurate Verification – 100% Authentication of Identity
  • Fingerprint Experts – Forensic Proof
  • 100% Link to Real-World Human being

  • Multi-Modal Identity Authentication (7+ Factors)
  • NON-Biometric Authentication
  • Face-to-Face or Not-Present Authentication
  • Pre-Blockchain Product
  • Designed for Africa – economically priced and ease of use – SMS and OTP or USSD
  • 100% Link to Real-World Human being 

  • Creation of Genesis Block for Identity on Blockchain
  • Creation of a Digital Signed Attestation (DSA) of Individual’s Identity, based on their Biological attributes 
  • Artificial Intelligence, IOT etc. to be based on DAL DSA
  • NON-Biometric Authentication
  • 100% Link to Real-World Human Being
  • REFERENCED Self-Sovereign Identity 


  • Specialised storage of evidence (Chain of Custody) from registration of individual and for evidence regarding any potential criminal activity and conflicting Information
    • The DAL Chain of Custody is used both to provide physical evidence of an Individual as well as to provide digital evidence of the processes of linking the Real-World Human Being to the Cyberworld Digital Identity
  • Backup to Electronic Biometrics - Fingerprint Experts ensures 100% authentication of Identity
  • Testify in any Court of Law


The DAL solution acts not only as a deterrent in the crimes mentioned below and other crimes committed through Identity Theft/Fraud, but also as a Pro-Active prevention of such crimes. The DAL solution also provides Forensic Evidence of any crimes committed on this matter as well.                 
  • Identity Theft/Fraud – Placing the individual back in control of their own Identity. Only allow for the individual claiming the Identity to verify themselves against their captured and enrolled information. DAL only allows for a one-time enrollment.
  • Synthetic Identities – As the enrollment is done by an Operator, only a Human Being can enroll onto DAL. This nullifies any Synthetic Identities on the DAL system. ( The use of Personally identifiable information ( PII ) or selfies to create or verify an Identity on an Identity Verification product has become the easiest way for crime syndicates to create Synthetic Identities and to infiltrate any institution )
  • RegTech – As KYC in the FinTech and Blockchain is becoming a major issue, the DAL solution creates the Genesis Identity Block on the Blockchain, thus all transaction in the Cyberworld by Digital Identities can be traced back to an existing Human Being 
  • Ghost Workers – Only Real-World Human beings can register onto DAL ; non-existent entities cannot be registered onto DAL. Any discrepancies will point at enrollment operator and forensic evidence of any wrong doing is captured and available for lawful proceedings   
  • FraudDAL acts as deterrent and as forensic evidence collector – the individual trying to commit the fraud is identified, as they have to physical enrol onto DAL
  • AMLDAL acts deterrent for potential Money Launderers - the individual trying to commit the laundering must register onto the DAL system, which leads to them leaving a 100% identifiable Forensic Evidence of their Identities. DAL also is the only system which can provide this Forensic Evidence in a court of law under subpoena.


DAL complies with all Personal Data regulations globally. 
All data processed is for specific reasons:
  • Identity Protection of the Individual
  • Verification of an Identity
Every Individual enrolling their MASTER Identity onto the DAL signs explicit Consent for DAL to protect and Authenticate their Identity and their own interest against themselves.


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